Academic licenses

EUNIS-CZ does not select a supplier for the universities, but negotiates discounts for academic and research licenses for the most commonly used software.

The role of EUNIS doesn´t lie in the selection of suppliers. It is a responsibility of members. EUNIS realizes a framework contract for the provision of academic software discounts with manufacturers. It is difficult to negotiate discounts with various Czech universities for large sofware corporations.

Therefore EUNIS-CZ negotiates the terms and conditions proves the legitimacy of academic discount together for all Czech universities. These can select in the framework of calls any of the European distributor and on the basis of framework contracts EUNISu-CZ are eligible for an academic discount, without their having to request it, or find it difficult to prove the academic status of the institution.
The full texts of framework agreements are in Documents. Those are accessible after you log on for the staff and students ofhigh schools through academic federece EDU-ID.

The main framework contract for the provision of academic discounts are:
Microsoft Campus Agreement covers all University licenses the current versions of Microsoft Office, Upgrade to the current version of Microsoft Windows and the newly extended licence also offline Office365.
Memorandum on the implementation of the Oracle of discounts on purchase and maintenance of licenses for all of the products, in particular for the Oracle database that is used by universities and suppliers for the development and operation of University information systems.
Adobe cumulative licensing agreement on the application of the academic discounts for the purchase of products andsoftware services Adobe.
The contract for the provision of academic discount Humusoft to COMSOL Multiphysics 2009. The contract has not closed yet.
The contracts with company Servodata for products NERO 2009 and with company COREL for her products from 2010, including Annual CCL licenses for Higer Educationto. The validity of the contracts have expired.


Other contracts with suppliers of mathematical software such as Matlab and Mathematika are prepared in cooperation with CESNET Metacenter.


16.9. 2014 published by Ing. Marušinec Jaromír, Ph.d. MBA

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